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Park Suites offers high-class living amidst a spacious park and gardens. High-class equipment, attractive open spaces and a mobile concierge service round off your selected and exclusive feeling of living. In your new apartment in the Park Suites you can enjoy a high standard of living in one of the most desirable locations in Vienna. Stylish and without compromise.

BuildingApartmentFloorRoomsLiving space m²Loggia m²Balcony m²Terrace m²Roof terrace m²Winter garden m²Garden m²Purchase priceAvailability
11EG358,617,1941,62€ 449.000,-free
12EG370,9831,8741,24€ 595.000,-free
13EG257,9214,095,8665,46€ 545.000,-free
141362,518,3€ 544.000,-free
151259,815,51€ 498.000,-free
161374,6125,82€ 625.000,-free
171257,929,84€ 525.000,-free
182362,518,3€ 585.000,-free
192359,1915,51€ 543.000,-free
1102374,6225,82€ 680.000,-free
1112257,929,84€ 584.000,-free
1123362,448,3€ 613.000,-free
1133259,815,51€ 570.000,-free
1143374,6925,82€ 724.000,-free
1153258,179,92€ 610.000,-free
1161DG378,9215,7647,6166,16€ 979.000,-free
1171DG4112,826,6748,0141,47€ 1.295.000,-free
21EG358,2919,0621,96€ 458.000,-free
22EG252,7719,7473,02€ 499.000,-free
23EG366,6428,38124,16€ 690.000,-free
24EG261,0711,617,2989,9€ 610.000,-free
251358,2910,11€ 509.000,-free
261255,749,69€ 457.000,-free
271378,6918,46€ 675.000,-free
281261,0712,92€ 597.000,-free
292358,2910,11€ 520.000,-free
2112378,6918,46€ 720.000,-free
2122261,0712,92€ 630.000,-free
2133358,2910,11€ 543.000,-free
2143255,749,69€ 520.000,-free
2153378,6818,46€ 734.000,-free
2163261,0712,92€ 655.000,-free
2171DG5201,6136,6288,68117,84€ 2.315.000,-free
Parking spaces24 units€ 35.000,- each

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+43 1 955 15 66
1010 Wien,
Fleischmarkt 14/10